Wednesday, 8 February 2017



New year was celebrated at UCMAS Jawahar Nagar centre in a grand manner ! Students utilised their school holiday period sharpening their brains by practising abacus and mental arithmetic as their beloved chocolate test was scheduled for 7th and 8th of January 2017.
Countless chocolates were distributed among the students of UCMAS Jawahar Nagar and Tilak Nagar centre students in accordance to their performance.
The smiles on the faces of the students clearly showed their love for chocolates!!
Chocolate test 2017 at UCMAS Jawahar Nagar and Tilak Nagar, Jaipur centres

Saanvi and Vidhisha of UCMAS Jawahar Nagar

Kanishka and Adanya of UCMAS Jawahar Nagar
UCMAS Jawahar Nagar Sunday batch
Tanya and Aadhya of UCMAS Jawahar Nagar
Rameshwari - the youngest at UCMAS Jawahar Nagar
Kshitij - the champion of champions of Chocolate test 2017
Ruchi mam's Sunday batch of UCMAS 
UCMAS Saturday batch

UCMAS Jawahar Nagar Saturday batch giving test  

Swastik, Palak and Mehak 

Saturday, 7 January 2017


Chocolate Test is back @UCMAS JAWAHAR NAGAR centre!!

The much awaited chocolate test will be held on 7th and 8th of January 2017 exclusively at UCMAS JAWAHAR NAGAR centre. 
May the BEST ONES win.....
Chocolate test at UCMAS JAWAHAR NAGAR, Jaipur 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Prasann Dewan the wonder kid from UCMAS JAWAHAR NAGAR

International level abacus and mental arithmetic competition was organised by UCMAS in Dubai, UAE on 11th November 2016. Prasann Dewan from JAWAHAR NAGAR centre stood at FIRST PLACING in the Advance level category. 
He was featured across 7 leading newspapers of Jaipur and Ajmer 


Monday, 14 November 2016


UCMAS Jawahar Nagar team - a winner

Prasann with first place trophy with his teacher

An eight member team of teachers and students participated in 21st UCMAS INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION ,  DUBAI on 11th November 2016. All 6 students stood among the top 3 placings. The topmost prize( First placing) was won by Prasann Dewan of our centre in Senior category .

flag ceremony

Jessica with Dr Dino Wang

Kanishka in flight with her parents

Monday, 24 October 2016


UCMAS International competition, Dubai details 

Date: 11 NOVEMBER, 2016
Timing : 8am to 8pm ( Prize distribution is on the same day)
Venue: Hamdan Sports Complex, Emirates road ( Old Dubai Bypass road), near Global village, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sunday, 25 September 2016

UCMAS JAWAHAR NAGAR, Jaipur in newspaper

The news article featuring prize winners from UCMAS Jawahar nagar was published in a leading city based newspaper on 26 September, 2016. The article mentions the name of the Champions from the centre - Kshitij Parwal and Prasann Dewan. It also mentions about the team of students and teachers who will participate in UCMAS International level competition 2016 in Dubai on 11th November 2016.

UCMAS Jawahar Nagar abacus centre's prize winning student in newspaper

Monday, 12 September 2016

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

UCMAS competition result 2016

UCMAS 15th National &11th Rajasthan state level competition result

Both state and national level abacus and mental arithmetic competitions saw participation of 50 students from Jawahar Nagar and Raja park branch of UCMAS.
The commendable performance of students across all categories cannot be put in words. The shining stars of both the centres bagged many trophies. The result is as follows :


1. Prasann Dewan - CHAMPION  - H3
2. Kshitij Parwal  - CHAMPION  - D1
3. Saiyam Jain - Runner up 1 - K2
4. Ambika Rajawat  - Runner up 2 - A3
5. Gaurvit Dangayach-Runner up 2 - B2
6. Divyam - Runner up -3- C3
7. Mahima- Runner up 3- D3
8. Naman Gupta - Runner up 3- Z1
9. Aksh Agarwal - Runner up-4 -Z2
10. Rameshwari - Runner up-5-A1
      ( age 5 years ) - youngest stage winner from UCMAS Jawahar Nagar
11. Smriti Garg - Runner up-6-E3
12. Sanchi Jain-Runner up-6-Z1
13. Tanya Bihani- Runner up-6-F1
14. Chhavi Luthra - Runner up -6- F2
15. Jessica Khanchandani-Runner up-
      7- F1
16. Ridhisha Bansal-MERIT trophy-Z1
17. Ridhima Vaid-MERIT trophy-Z1
18. Sarthak Ajmera-MERIT trophy-Z1
19. Vanisha Vaid-MERIT trophy-Z3
20. Lakshita Israni -MERIT trophy -Z3
21. Divit Pansari-MERIT trophy-Z1
22. Lakshya Jain-MERIT trophy-Z1
23. Saanvi Goyal-MERIT trophy-A1
24. Aadhya Sharma -MERIT trophy-A1
25. Vidisha Mathur -MERIT trophy-A2
26. Gautam Gulati -MERIT trophy-B2
27. Lavanya Sodhani -MERIT trophy-B2
28. Lakshika Maheshwari -MERIT trophy-C3
29. Tamanna Gupta-MERIT trophy-C3
30. Palak Mitra -MERIT trophy-C3
31. Swastik Kumar-MERIT trophy-D2
32. Tejas Tandon -MERIT trophy- D2
33. Saumya Chaudhary-MERIT trophy-D2
34. Divya Jain-MERIT trophy-D3
35. Diya Bhatia-MERIT trophy-D3
36. Adishri Gupta-MERIT trophy-D2
37. Arin Jain-MERIT trophy-E2
38. Kanishka Mathur-MERIT trophy-E2
39. Adanya Sharma-MERIT trophy-E1
40. Aakarshi Vijayvargiya-MERIT trophy-F3
41. Tavleen Kaur-MERIT trophy-F3
42. Aditya Tambi-MERIT trophy-G2
43. Nidhi Tolani-MERIT trophy-KG4
44. Kshitij Agarwal-MERIT trophy-KG4
45. Mehak Oberoi-MERIT trophy-KG4


1. Saiyam Jain -Runner up-K2
2. Prasann Dewan-Runner up-H3
3. Kshitij Parwal-Runner up-D1
4. Naman Gupta-NATIONAL MERIT trophy -Z1
5.Aksh Agarwal-NATIONAL MERIT trophy-Z2
6. Rameshwari Kulshreshtha-NATIONAL MERIT trophy -A1
7. Ambika Rajawat-NATIONAL MERIT trophy-A3
8. Gaurvit Dangayach-NATIONAL MERIT trophy-B2
9. Divyam Poonia-NATIONAL MERIT trophy-C3
10. Mahima Poonia-NATIONAL MERIT trophy -D3
11. Chhavi Luthra-NATIONAL MERIT trophy -F2

Winners of UCMAS Jawahar Nagar and Tilak Nagar centres