Thursday, 28 March 2013

WHY UC MAS for mental maths?

UCMAS is the only abacus based program that enables a child to use left and right side of brain.

Memory is the ability to store and retrieve information and experiences. It has been found that memory in the left brain would not stay long, but an image that is recorded in the right brain would stay on in the mind forever. By stimulating the right brain with mental arithmetic, and in combination with the alertness of the eyes, ears and hands, the ability to store and recall is developed together. Therefore, the ability to solve 10-digits arithmetic problems in only a few seconds is only a small success in comparison to the actual mental training that has been done in order to achieve the skill to perform rapid calculations. At the right age, UCMAS program:

  • Enables development and utilization of the whole brain
  • Improves in speed and accuracy (also in areas other than abacus calculation)
  • Improves memory
  • Promotes creativity, concentration and focus
  • Improves confidence, resulting in better overall performance
  • Lays down a strong foundation for academic achievement
  • Enables students to solve mathematical problems (+,-,x, /) in record time
  • Improves Imagination
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