Friday, 6 September 2013


Abacus Brain Gym - UC MAS Jawhar Nagar

The abacus has been a tool for maths calculations for over thousands of years. It has survived the test of time because it works. Apart from its calculator functions it develops the brain as well. 
Calculations on abacus are faster than calculator and it permanently changes the working methodology of brain by sharpening it and activating both the Left side and Right side of the brain.

Normal school method teaches calculating maths on calculator or sheets of paper! But UCMAS teaches kids to calculate in their minds at a much faster rate.
While other kids toil with tedious maths calculations on paper, UCMAS students are mentally calculating and finishing test, homework and assignments early. Not to mention reading skills improve as well. 

There are many new names spread across the market that claim on teaching abacus and making kids perfect in mathematics. But this is a less known fact that mere teaching of abacus with no help in applying it in school maths or other studies is of no use!

UCMAS is the only abacus system that teaches the application of abacus to school curriculum. Example:

  1. arithmetic calculations with the principle of BODMAS
  2. arithmetic calculations vertically and horizontally 
  3. calculation of two arithmetic sums simuntaneously
  4. linear equations
  5. concept of fraction
  6. multiplication and division of decimal numbers
  7. square root
  8. dodging tables to increase speed with multiplication and division
  9. special methodology for teaching young kindergarten students .

We also work on correcting the ' silly mistakes' committed by students in exams by working on their concentration level and various other exercises.

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