Monday, 7 December 2015

UCMAS International competition result 2015

UCMAS International competition result 

Shining stars of UCMAS JAWAHAR NAGAR & TILAK NAGAR centre 

Its party time at UCMAS Jawhar Nagar and 
Tilak Nagar centres as all the 14 participating students stand in the top positions with 
flying colours !!     
Students participated in categories ranging from
' A ' to ' L ' in the ILC. A total of 28 trophies have been brought home by the proud students.
Two students showed exceptional performance 
and bagged place in the top 3 positions and were awarded tophies on stage.
This deserves a special mention that two brothers Shreyas( graduated 4 years back) and Tejas (present batch ) participated in the competition   ( in the pic above) and both won awards showing the potential of UCMAS in present and future.                                                                                                                                                                

Rishita and Nidhi
Nidhi and Lavanya at the competition 

Rishita with her prize

Tejas and Shreyas with their prizes

Jessica with her trophy
Tavleen with her trophies

Smriti with her trophies

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