Sunday, 8 December 2013


Champion of Champion from Jawahar Nagar centre
Students of Jawahar Nagar & Tilak Nagar centres have already geared up for the State Level competition to be held on 11th January, 2014.

Champion from Jawahar Nagar
Like the earlier years this year too we hope to be the shinning star at the competition with the best of the students.

prizes won by Jawahar Nagar & Tilak Nagar in 2013 competition
Students have started practising the sheets of their completed terms. Lets see which students make up to the SUPERBATCH of Chhavi mam and Ruchi mam. And finally make up to the stage!

Star performer of Tilak Nagar centre

Jawahar nagar wins best centre prize
Young champ from Tilak nagar

Hemangi - a student of Jawahar Nagar

Student of Tilak Nagar centre doing sheet
at full speed and finally emerging
as Champion (right)

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